$2.17 Million


Victorian School Building Authority & Watsonia Primary School

– Watsonia Primary School’s main focus was to improve its image, not only in the eyes of the students and staff but also in the eyes of the community. The works focus on strengthening the relationships and collaboration the school has with other schools and the community by providing improved sports facilities, safer playgrounds, and new boundary deterrent lines.

– The school had expressed that the community views and engagement with the facilities are essential and, they would like to continue and improve them.

– The school is receiving a new Oval, complete with a new cricket pitch, automatic irrigation system, drain and water tank with rainwater catchment from the main building.

– The school will also get a new bitumen surface and topped up with a soft covered acrylic paint to both basketball and all their down ball courts.

– Other areas of works included new fencing throughout and soft fall surfaces to their playground area.