Mowbray College Patterson Campus

Mowbray College

–Junior Primary Artroom and Secondary Language Centre Two separate buildings within the Mowbray College, Patterson campus, one being the new Artroom annexe to the junior primary school. The other being the Secondary School Language Centre to house International and LOTE faculty and student classrooms.

–The Artroom design extrudes the adjacent building profile, with a glazed, polycarbonate link between the old and new. The façade plays with the mixture of face brick that is a dominant element through the campus. With a minimal interior and warehouse quality with exposed trusses, polished concrete flooring, sliding panels. The glazed link utilises the south light and provides a gallery space for exhibitions and an extension to the learning area.

–Building footprint is positioned at the centre of key circulation routes throughout the campus. Although located near the back of the grounds, the building was to provide a front of house as directly adjacent the bus drop and after hour’s access point. The new detached building is linked through a series of new paved and tree avenues, planters and outdoor seating zones designed by Greenbits. The building houses 6 new learning areas, each with a south facing skylight, which opens up into 2 large multipurpose areas for after hours use, administration area for the Language faculties, foyer with exhibition space. Externally the forecourt houses the required student lockers, sheltered outdoor learning area and student toilets for general secondary school use. The materials similar to Art room with the use of face brick in a series of patterns. The existing single storey residential typology is reflected with the 2 brick gable pavilions. A metal screen wraps and connects the learning wings. Like a billboard, becomes signage opportunity and provide a formal entry to the school.