ALDI Swan Hill

$4 million

Completed 2007


−This site acquired by ALDI Stores had the potential to create additional retail tenancies along the main shopping street in Swan Hill. The tenancy building and ALDI store frontage were required to link into the local character which, for the west-facing shops further along, included wide eaves supporting fixed or pull-down blinds to shade out the setting sun.

−The exposed outriggers and fixed terracotta louvres add a sophisticated continuation and end to this feature along the shopping strip. The louvres return around the corner and fold into the site.

−The ALDI store design takes full advantage of the site by being elongated along one edge of the site with parking located behind the tenancy building. The store stretches from the frontage along the shopping street, to the loading dock and store just off the highway at the lower edge of the site, allowing for simpler truck access and egress without impacting on the retail district.