Edinburgh Gardens Pavilion


City of Yarra

–The primary purpose of the new pavilion is to hold sports and community functions. It is proposed the original brick building constructed in 1978 is to be partly retained to provide changing rooms umpire and first-aid areas. The new addition is designed to address the sports fields and basketball court which are situated on all sides of the building and to act as a link with its open and closed corridor, allowing spectators to walk through the building when it is in use.

–The viewing space from this pavilion is integral, as it sits within viewing range of a basketball court, sports oval and children’s playground. In addition to this the roof has been designed to act as an additional viewing area offering spectators a 360 degree view.

–The project aims to integrate the park landscape with the mass of the building via incorporation of a ‘green’ roof which will increase the building’s insulation, reduce heat loss and act as a rainwater catchment.