Laharaum Primary School


Completed in June 2019

Department of Education

– As part of the Capital Works Program, Laharaum Primary School, a small rural school in northern Victoria, received $472,000 in funding. This project sets out to address various areas of overallocation by reducing excess area to a practical level while revitalizing the remaining areas of
the school.

– Nearly all of the existing infrastructure consists of relocatable buildings, so the project’s focus is on improving the connectivity and functionality of these buildings while reducing unnecessary areas.

– Internal changes include repurposing an art room and wet room into general education and support spaces and installing smarter storage areas.

– External works include linking the buildings together with a covered way to improve supervision of students and overall connectivity, the addition of ramps, and creating a north-facing deck to promote more outdoor learning and interior-exterior flexibility and easier access to amenities for
students and staff alike.

– The walkway features several alcoves with built-in seating, encouraging more opportunities for social interaction.