Staughton College

$6.5 Million


Under Construction

Victorian School Building Authority & Staughton College

– Staughton College has a fast, growing community with an increase of 650+ student enrolment in the next five years. The school’s vision is to create an inclusive school community that celebrates diversity and encourages students to become the “best versions of themselves” – academically, socially and personally. It is, however, perceived among both students and staff that the physical environment is not reflective of this culture, nor does it support the learning growth and individual pursuits of students.

– Between the project team, it was agreed that the upgrade and extension to the Gymnasium building was the school’s priority, given the demographic of students, student well-being and that the existing gymnasium is undersized for its current student population.

– The gymnasium building will undergo major refurbishment works to the existing amenities, weights rooms, storage areas and with reconfiguration to the layout and room areas, will include a new GPC, DDA toilet and shower room and breakout areas.

– To lift the physical appearance throughout the school, we will refurbish areas of the existing covered walkways connecting to the gymnasium, with colour, new metal ceiling lining and, new LED light fittings.