Victoria University Hospitality School

Victoria University

–1:1 Architects are currently commissioned to design the Consolidation and Expansion of the Hospitality Facilities for Victoria University at their Footscray Nicholson campus. This project includes the design of a new commercial and training production kitchen, an a la carte restaurant to cater for up to 120 patrons, 2 no. new training kitchens, 2 no. demonstration theatre kitchens, a coffee academy, bar training area and associated stores and amenities.

–The design features a new central spiral staircase creating a focal point to the new eateries. Directly interfacing with the central campus hub, the new hospitality precinct will create a visual identity for the school to attract both external and internal patrons and simplifying the material and colour palettes to create an enticing food precinct.

–Other key features include vibrant teaching spaces, colour and materials that enhance the training spaces and create visual interest. Visual connectivity is also an important element of the design in connecting all spaces and creating an open, transparent hub for the campus. The design also proposes opening up corridors to link spaces and create a community of learning spaces. Proposed intervention to the exterior of the building includes increasing branding, identity and signage.