Crisp Salad III


Completed February 2015

Crisp Creative Salad

– This is the third store for salad franchise Crisp. The store expands on the fresh and healthy philosophy of the brand.

– The floor plan of the store is angled to open up to the customer entry and natural light at the front of the store. This guides customers past the menus and smoothie and salad stations through to the coffee service point and counter.

– This asymmetrical floor plan is balanced by a simple and sophisticated palette, which links in with previous stores but has its own identity, evolving the unique Crisp brand.

– The concrete benchtops create a clean solid volume in the open space and help to delineate staff and customer areas. The pale green tinted concrete floor maintains the texture of the original slab whilst giving it a clean fresh lift. The exposed brickwork introduces an honest, industrial note.

– Ply edged finishes and white tiling reference the other stores with a dark green feature tile lending an edge to the otherwise calm and subtle palette.

– Potted plants and copper and concrete pendant lights create an intriguing character for the store, inviting passers by in.