ALDI Albury



–Located on a prominent corner site in a developing part of Albury, the ALDI store is well positioned to naturally draw attention. A long frontage sloping away from the main street presented an opportunity for a large underground car park to be used, freeing up more conspicuous areas of the site for use as six separate retail tenancies that will supplement the ALDI store.

–The design of the store itself reflects the latest ALDI national format with new material pallets, massing and horizontal banding, however it is interpreted to suit this non generic situation.

–Making use of prefabricated materials and rationalised sizing, the outcome was decreased expense and wastage and a large roof area presented the opportunity to collect rainwater for use in garden irrigation.

–Coordination of the replacement of an existing operational substation on the site and the staging of cutting and filling works were two elements which had to be carefully considered, both in the design and construction phases. The ALDI store and retail tenancies successfully contribute to the revitalisation of this portion of an important regional centre.