Green Roof Competition


Melbourne’s Future

–An initiative of the Committee for Melbourne’s Future Focus Group, this competition called on landscape architects and architects to design green roofs for one or more of three short listed buildings.

–Our design ‘The roof unit workshop’ fits all 3 sites of the competition brief. Our green roof concept is a flexible modular system, designed to adapt to varying scale rooftops and respond to differing site conditions and functional requirements. This concept proposes a floor grid system that can accommodate various modular options including but not limited to paving, grass, plants, trees and furniture.

–We envisage the roof unit as part test laboratory, part amenity space which purposefully overlap to allow people to see and experience the workings of the roof.

–The roof unit workshop provides healthier spaces for building owners, tenants and visitors, principally by providing external space and;

  • long distance views, to stretch and rest office workers eyes
  • open sky, for relaxation and contemplation
  • partial canopy, providing protection and the feeling of safety
  • vegetation, providing fresh air and occupant comfort

–The roof unit can provide a number of different spaces that can provide areas for building users to enjoy their lunch, hold informal meetings, sunbathe and take a break. The roof unit can also provide a spectacular backdrop for special one-off events; such as fashion shows and launches.