RMIT Building 8 Student Union

$1.1 million


Completed 2009


−Formerly the site of the student union shop and adjacent offices, our project brief was to design a front-of-house area, lounge, offices, and queer and womyn’s areas for the RMIT Student Union city campus.

−Accommodating a mix of open-plan and enclosed offices, kitchen, copying, and library facilities, the overall concept design was based on connectivity between the public corridor and the internal office spaces.

−Articulating this interface using expressed stained plywood walls and glazed infill panels to create several layers of visual connection from corridor to offices and back again.

−The secondary visual language was based on a ‘pixel’ taken from the existing external glass bricks, and works as single and multiple elements formed from different materials such as glazed film to create privacy to enclosed offices and raised plywood to create door handles. Our concept proposes a neutral palette which sits within the strong fabric of the existing building. Using environmentally considered materials, the palette mainly consists of subtly hued timber, stained plywood and glazing.