ALDI Brunswick

$10 million

Completed 2008


−An ALDI supermarket built right up to the boundary within an urban context. This precast-construction supermarket in Brunswick is retail at the ground level with three levels of car parking above. The top level of car parking is open to the sky reducing the quantity of building materials: reducing the overall height in relation to the adjacent buildings it also considerably reduces material consumption by negating the need for the construction of full height walls and a roof structure over. The parking to the other levels has openings made from perforated metal for a naturally ventilated and lit car park.

−The Sydney Road facade has horizontal bands and multiple layers of perforated metal. The layering allows car park users to have a visual connection to the street without exposing the innards of a car park to Sydney Road. Vertical elements were introduced to modulate the facade and to introduce the scale of the context to the facade.