Roberts McCubbin Primary School

$5.2 million

Completed 2009

Roberts McCubbin Primary School

−The Roberts McCubbin Primary Master Plan seeks to provide a set of principles to enable the school to undertake future development.

−The key objectives are:

  • The creation of new buildings that incorporate sustainable principles which are readily available, cost-effective and practical. Environmental initiatives are to be clearly demonstrated so that the mechanics can be understood by the youngest of students.
  • To provide a building which is better for staff and students with additional educational stewardship benefits to the community.
  • To facilitate the enhancement of leadership capacity and professional growth of staff, enabling improved professional practices and teacher learning assessment.
  • The creation of a ‘learning community’ to intellectually engage the children and nurture a collaborative partnership environment with their peers.
  • To improve the effective implementation of the school’s multi-age structure and the encouragement of interactive learning environments. To consider the adjacency of spaces to minimise downtime through travel within the precinct while maximising social connectivity.
  • To maximise available innovative technology.
  • The provision of learning environments rich in natural light, with a connectivity to the external landscape and wider community as a whole.