CSU Thurgoona Accommodation

$4 Million

Completed March 2014

Joss Constructions

-This project is at Charles Sturt University’s beautiful Thurgoona campus. Three new accommodation buildings were constructed as residences for Post Graduate students.
-The accommodation buildings are formed by a repetition of modular units, minimising costs and resources and maximising the ease of construction and maintenance.
-The recessed alcoves at unit entrances break up the facade. The contrast of dark angled cladding and bold, brightly coloured doors emphasises individual entries. Other colours are muted to blend in with the surrounding bush landscape.
-Thin windows increase privacy and energy efficiency, allow slivered views of the surrounding bushland.
-On the South elevation, high level windows are staggered resulting in a more dynamic façade.
-The development also included 2 new sports shelters and 2 new multi-purpose courts as well as extended carparking.